31 Guns in 31 Days

In partnership with Guide Dogs of America, we are once again doing the October 31 Guns in 31 Days Raffle. We will be announcing the winners here. Stop by if you haven't gotten a ticket, there are still a few left!


October 1st: Jack Jalbert

October 2nd: Jacenta Grover

October 3rd: Skyland Stinson

October 4th: Chad Oconnell

October 5th: Scott Karns

October 6th: Joe Carter

October 7th: Doug Klenke

October 8th: Brian Seipold

October 9th: Ray Neels

October 10th: Steve Palian

October 11th: Jacenta Grover

October 12th: Danny Longley

October 13th: Shane Atkinson

October 14th: Kevin Hanson

October 15th: Paul Trottier

October 16th: William Davis

October 17th: Joe Fijalkowski

October 18th: Joseph Swart

October 19th: Michael Morales

October 20th: Brian Lee

October 21st: James Little

October 22nd: Chad Jordan Jr.

October 23rd: Dianna Stone

October 24th: Ron Everett

October 25th: Joe Bonnett

October 26th: Timothy Kimball

October 27th: John Rhodes

October 28th: Kelly Ammons

October 29th: Ted Serban

October 30th: Chad Frazier

October 31st: Michael Kovach