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Unusual Winchester part 5 finale

By Jim

I carved a new fore end and gave it the same epoxy treatment. The buttplate was cast from an original in a mold from the same blue epoxy, mixed with just a touch of teal green to make it look separate from the stock.

The gun had the new stocks fitted. I gave the barrel and magazine tube a slow rust blue that results in a deep dark blue / black finish.

The receiver got a gloss clear spray on Cerakote to protect the color case hardening. I also color cased the barrel rings.

All the screws, trigger, loading gate and sights got a nice fire blue finish with niter salts.

The pictures don't do the gun any justice. It went from a rusty hulk, to a rifle that anyone would be proud to take into the backwoods to hunt. And now she's a one of a kind levergun. Impervious to the elements and still in the venerable caliber of .30-30.

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