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Repairing a model 8 part 2

By Jim

Continuing with the repairs on the model 8 Remington, the normal wear on parts that are 100 years old has created some tolerance issues for the barrel lock. This part is designed to keep the bolt locked to the rear of the receiver when the gun is broken down for transportation. The tip of the barrel extension no longer keeps the lock depressed enough to allow the bolt to go into battery during use.

The solution is to build up metal in certain areas with a TIG welder.

The red circles show where I added extra metal with the TIG and ground everything square and cleaned it up.

The red circle here shows the barrel lock and the relationship between it and the barrel extension.

Here you can see how the barrel lock fits inside the receiver. Please note -- I simply placed the barrel lock into the receiver in order to take this photograph. It's NOT properly installed. The end of the barrel lock normally fits OVER the bolt latch, not underneath it.

The gun is reassembled and ready to be test fired. Caliber is .25 Remington.

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