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Building an AK sporter Part 3

Before I can begin installation of the barrel on this rifle, I had to go back and retrieve the bullet guide from the old stub portion of the original receiver.

Here it is sitting in place in the new US milled receiver.

Peened and flattened out.

Then ground down flush.

It‘s pretty important to make sure the rivet is properly crushed on both ends. You don’t want to have the bullet guide working it’s way loose. Part of the process I use to build these guns is to make sure every part is installed and hand fitted. I want a tight gun that doesn’t rattle like a box of gravel when you shake it.

Here I have replaced the dust cover over the bullet guide rivet. This also serves as a locator for the lower hand guard. Now it the time to make sure the lower hand guard is snug and not loose and rattling.

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