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A Hall / North carbine

By Jim

This is a fairly rare carbine. It's a Hall patent made by Simeon North of Middlebury CT. It is an 1833 Type II. This particular carbine was issued to the 2nd Regiment of the United States Dragoons in .52 caliber. The Hall Rifles were the first breach loading firearm to be used by the US military. The carbines were not issued until the 1840's.

The gun came in for minor repairs and cleaning.

Here you can see the breech block disassembled. The block is a simple hinged type that tilts upward for loading. It is not a sealed breech, so you get a lot of powder and gasses escaping from the block.

The bayonet is the triangular type thin blade that has a threaded end that allows it to double as a cleaning rod.

Note that inside the tool compartment located on the bottom rear portion of the stock has the original tow worm and a linen cleaning patch.

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