Handgun and  Ammunition


Jim is our gunsmith and subject matter expert on reloading, blacksmithing, and just about any question the rest of us can’t answer. He has been a gunsmith for over 13 years and served as an artillery Marine. He makes his own leather holsters, paper cartridges for black powder weapons, and Damascus steel knives (and sometimes Damascus gun barrels). In fact, if a thing shoots, explodes or has a sharp edge of any kind, there is a pretty good chance Jim has made one or repaired one.



Brian has been working for the Coastal Trading family for many years, but has recently moved to working in the gun store. Known for giving Andrew a hard time for being a “gun snob”, make sure to ask him about his Benelli, HK and LaRue guns when you stop by!


Lisa works in the front of the shop and provides a kind personality to the shop that often balances out the occasionally gruff Marines. Don’t let her demeanor fool you though, she has a gun collection that would make even the most serious gun fanatic jealous!